July 2006 -- The Diocese of Springfield in Illinois

Why has Bishop George Lucas, of the Springfield Diocese, allowed predatory homosexuals to remain in positions of authority?

Yet another individual (Scott J. Kastel) has come forward with first-hand testimony regarding Msgr. John Renken’s predatory homosexual nature. Mr. Kastel has allowed me to use his name publicly because he is scandalized by the fact that Bishop Lucas, while claiming to want information regarding clergy misconduct, refuses to act once he receives it. Kastel provided both former Bishop Ryan (himself a predator) and Bishop Lucas with statements and only came to Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc (RCF) after Lucas refused to take action. Mr. Kastel is the fifth individual that I am aware of to come forward with information on Renken’s homosexual activity. (Msgr. John Renken was past president of the Canon Law Society and in 2002 was appointed advisor to the Bishops’ committee on child abuse in Washington, D.C.)

I will spare you some of the lewd details regarding Renken’s sexual advances towards Mr. Kastel. I have copied one document from his case on the reverse side of this note. More information will be provided to those who request it.

Now on to another matter: Shortly after our Chancellor Msgr. Eugene Costa (another predatory homosexual) was found beaten in a Springfield Park by two teenage boys he solicited for sex, Mr. Thomas Munoz became a suspect in that beating. Munoz contacted RCF after the police accused him of beating Costa. Munoz’s story was covered by the Illinois Times and written about in the last issue of our newsletter.

Munoz told RCF that he believed he was being set up by the Diocese (Msgr. Renken ) because of things he had witnessed. Munoz said he had been paid for sexual favors by several members of the Springfield clergy and knew of others who were active homosexuals. Munoz gave RCF the names. After our interview of Munoz he was arrested on an attempted burglary charge stemming from an incident at a Rochester Catholic Church. The charge was later dropped and is now the subject of a false arrest lawsuit filed by Munoz.

Munoz, through discovery, has obtained copies of police documents regarding Msgr. Costa’s beating and arrest of Munoz. In a sworn statement by a Springfield police detective, the detective states that it was Msgr. Renken who suggested Munoz may have beaten Costa and went on to state that, according to Msgr. Renken, Munoz had had sex with Catholic priests. Renken’s statement confirms what Munoz had told RCF and raises other serious questions. How did Renken learn this information, and why are the priests Munoz had sex with still active as pastors? Anyone wishing to be provided with more information need only contact RCF.

One more item: RCF recently interviewed a St. Louis man who claimed, at the age of 17, while he attended St. Louis Prep. Seminary (1987 – 1988) then Fr. George Lucas, on several occasions asked him what he liked sexually and if he liked older men. He went on to state that Fr. Lucas repeatedly asked him to meet him after school but our informant always refused and stated Lucas eventually left him alone.

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