Remember 7th grade?

That’s when a of lot of us learned about cliques, isolation and the cruelty of social ostracism. It is unfortunately true that many immature persons cannot navigate the waters of social interaction and conflict with subtlety and courtesy, but instead rely upon the heavy hand of banishment to express their slightest displeasure with others. Sometimes wearing the wrong color socks can bring on the much feared exile.

Fortunately, most of us grow out of this. Most of us, but not all.

For the second time in as many years, NACHE has banished the Seton Home School program from its annual convention. Why the banishment? Certainly not on the grounds of Catholic doctrine. NACHE welcomes Protestant vendors to its convention, even such anti-Catholic KONOS program as well as vendors who sell books from the notorious Bob Jones University. No, Seton’s sin is not that it departs from the Catholic faith, but that Seton’s Mary Kay Clark has not agreed with all of NACHE’s positions on home schooling, and has dared to refuse NACHE’s demand that she appear before the self-appointed NACHE Magisterium and subject herself to cross-examination.

So if you attend NACHE’s July 14 & 15 convention, you may run into John Calvin or Martin Luther but you won’t see Mary Kay Clark there. Then again, maybe it would be better to stay home and read a good book. Seton Home School publishes some excellent ones.

And a word to other vendors attending the NACHE convention. While you're there, could you remind Kimberly Hahn, Mary Hasson and the other NACHE folks that we’re not in Junior High School anymore.

James Bendell

RCF Board Member

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