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Roman Catholic Faithful calls for the resignation of
Bishop Reginald Cawcutt of Cape Town, South Africa

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PETERSBURG, ILLINOIS (4/21/2000) Stephen G. Brady, President of Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc. (RCF) today called for the resignation of Cape Town, South Africa auxiliary bishop Reginald Cawcutt because of his participation in a "vulgar and pornographic" email list and web site for homosexual clergy and religious.

"Since RCF first made public the existence of the vulgar and pornographic 'St. Sebastian’s Angels' e-mail list and website for homosexual Catholic clergy, Bishop Cawcutt of South Africa, with the help of the Catholic and secular press, has downplayed his involvement with the group," Brady said. "Cawcutt, it seems, would have us believe that his foul-mouthed, vulgar comments and his participation in the distribution of nude photos were all part of his 'pastoral plan' to 'minister' to his fellow homosexual clergy," he continued.

Cawcutt was ordained a priest in 1962 and was elevated to bishop in 1992.

On the RCF website (, Brady stated that before RCF ever made any of the Cawcutt material public, the Papal Nuncio and five U.S. Cardinals were contacted and offered the information RCF had obtained on St. Sebastian’s Angels with the hope they would address the situation. According to Brady, none of the prelates responded.

"Bishop Cawcutt has repeatedly violated the most solemn promises that he made when he was ordained as bishop," Brady explained. "In the 'Examination of the Candidate' taken from the Rite of Ordination promulgated under Pope Paul VI, ' the commentary to the rite states 'An age -Old custom of the Fathers Decrees that a bishop-elect is to be questioned before the people on his resolve to uphold the Faith and to discharge his duties faithfully.' Just a few examples of Bishop Cawcutt's violations can be easily gleaned from his own emailed comments:

"In 1992, the consecrating bishop asked the candidate, Cawcutt: 'My brother, are you resolved by the grace of the Holy Spirit to discharge to the end of your life the office the apostles entrusted to us, which we now pass on to you by the laying on of hands?'

"The bishop-elect, Cawcutt, replied: 'I am.'

In the email list, Cawcutt said 'Paul, congrats on yr 18 years and of course prayers tomorrow as I confirm yet another bunch of little bastards - cute ones this time i hope!'

"In 1992, the consecrating bishop asked Cawcutt, 'Are you resolved to be faithful and constant in proclaiming the Gospel of Christ?'

"Cawcutt replied 'I am.'

"In the email list, Cawcutt said 'Evan, thanks for your thing on gay love - how very true it all is - and I do believe we have to encourage gays and lesbians to go that way despite wot holy mother church says.... '

"In 1992, the consecrating bishop asked Cawcutt, 'Are you resolved to maintain the deposit of faith, entire and incorrupt, as handed down by the apostles and professed by the Church everywhere and at all times?'

"Cawcutt replied 'I am'.

"In the email list, Cawcutt said 'I do not think that sex is the ultimate in sin anyhow - and not always matter for confession either - even for celibates - come on - the good old book also says dirty thought are grievous stuff and always matter for confession - come come now!!! As someone said, confession is meant to be a help for growth in holiness - if celibacy is your thing - then I am sure breaking it is matter for cfn - if not - well hey guys remember what Vat II said about personal conscience being the prime guide.... '

"In 1992, the consecrating bishop asked Cawcutt, 'Are you resolved to build up the Church as the body of Christ and to remain united to it within the order of bishops under the Authority of the successor of the apostle Peter?'

"Cawcutt replied 'I am'.

"In the email list, Cawcutt said 'Jurgens has advised me against being the first to send a porn pic - so all I have to offer now is this pic of the "man with a huge cock" next time...... The pic that Moxie sent to me of THE mitre hangar just has to be in improvement of the pic Bert sent with hats in th e wrong place! But I shall not be the first (though don;t tempt me) to send a real pic."

"In 1992, the consecrating bishop asked Cawcutt, 'Are you resolved to be faithful in your obedience to the successor of the apostle Peter?'

"Cawcutt replied 'I am'.

"In the email list, Cawcutt said 'Dare I repeat my prophecy for those who were not here when I made it a while back: JPII will die on January 2 - once he sees he has nothing more to live for having led us all into the new millenium. Ratz [Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome] will take poison on Jan 3 cos he knows that if he doesn't someone will give him poison on Jan 4!'"

RCF has set up a web page ( ) where the press can view material regarding Bishop Cawcutt’s involvement in St. Sebastian’s Angels. For further information, please contact RCF via the contact information listed in this release, or email

Stephen Brady, President
Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc.

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