Decries NACHE Authoritarianism

NACHE is getting warmed up for its July 16 Homeschool conference in Manassas, Virginia. In an act of almost unbelievable hubris and rudeness, NACHE has banished Mary Kay Clark’s Seton Homeschool from having a booth at the convention. It seems that NACHE Board Chairman Kimberly Hahn and NACHE President William Bales have decided that an article contained in the July, 1998 Seton Homeschool newsletter does not meet with their theological approval. What is curious about this position is that NACHE does not hesitate to have Protestant vendors at its conventions. This means that NACHE believes that it is permissible to tolerate the views of heretics, but not of knowledgeable orthodox Catholics who commit the sin of disagreeing with the policies of NACHE. Fr. John Hardon is opposing NACHE’s boycott.

Once again, the NACHE view is "Our Way is the Only Way".

Mary Kay Clark, ever the generous and charitable educator, offered to meet privately with NACHE President William Bales to discuss this matter. Bales replied that the NACHE Board would not agree to such a private meeting, in part, because her NACHE’s Mary Hasson wished to quiz Mrs. Clark about things she had written about Hasson. In fact, NACHE has demanded that Mrs. Clark appear before the NACHE Board to answer certain doctrinal questions regarding homeschooling (kind of like an Inquisition run by converts).

RCF recommends that Catholic Homeschoolers in the Manassas area on July 16 might better use their time attending the free Seton Homeschool Book Fair which will be held just 2 miles down the road.


James Bendell
Board Member and Legal Counsel
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