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March 10, 1998
All Priests
Springfield Diocese in Illinois

Re: Formal investigation of Bishop Daniel Ryan

Dear Father,

On Tuesday, December 23, 1997 RCF first learned that the Chicago Archdiocese, under orders from the Holy See, had started a formal investigation concerning the allegations of sexual misconduct made against Bishop Ryan. Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) has been asked to cooperate with Church authorities in this investigation. We have agreed to share what information we have regarding Ryan’s behavior. This letter is being sent to all clergy in an effort to keep them informed regarding new developments.

In November of 1996 RCF notified Church authorities of Ryan's sexual harassment of several priests. These same priests provided RCF with statements. One of these priests traveled to Rome and met with the Prefect for the Congregation of the Clergy. For obvious reasons RCF has not publicly identified these priests.

Considering the Holy See’s track record regarding the correction and or removal of bishops, RCF will also continue its own investigation. The following information is only a small part of the information we have.

1. RCF has obtained statements, both verbal and written, from several priests regarding Ryan’s homosexual activity.

2. Two young men have come forward with first hand information concerning Ryan paying boys as young as 15 for sex. One of these individuals has gone public, also naming several priests with whom he had sexual contact. RCF will be providing this information to local law enforcement agencies. RCF has reason to believe that at least one priest knew of Ryan’s sexual contact with minors and made no attempt to notify authorities.

3. RCF has been given the names of several other individuals who were allegedly paid for sex by bishop Ryan. We will attempt to locate these people.

4. RCF has been placing paper ads in newspapers, based in the Joliet diocese, seeking information regarding clergy misconduct in that diocese. We will be holding a public meeting in Joliet in a few months. Our reason for working in Joliet will be disclosed at a later date.

If you would like more detailed information -- just subscribe to RCF’s newsletter. If you would like to make a financial contribution to help in our work: make checks payable to Roman Catholic Faithful. For those priests who disagree with RCF’s work in Springfield, we would welcome your advice as to how we can help Bishop Ryan and those who have suffered because of his actions!



Stephen G. Brady, President

cc: State's Attorney
Holy See
Chicago Archdiocese

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