Greetings to the Students of Mundelein Seminary

...from the members of Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc. We are a national Catholic activist organization dedicated to defending orthodoxy and the Holy Father. We have members in all 50 states and 9 foreign countries.

We have been receiving correspondence from seminarians and faculty at Mundelein Seminary expressing concern about whether the fullness of the Catholic Faith is being taught at Mundelein, and whether student and faculty life there reflects the highest standards of Catholic seminaries.

  1. For this reason we are announcing an RCF seminary outreach program for the students at Mundelein seminary. This program will be composed of the following:
  2. We will be praying for the seminarians at Mundelein, and remembering them in our Mass intentions.
    We are asking seminarians at Mundelein to send us any information they feel would be helpful to our investigation of this seminary. If requested, we can keep your name confidential.
  3. We are urging Mundelein seminarians and faculty to worship the Lord Jesus Christ in the fullness of the Catholic Faith which has been handed down to us from the Apostles. We hereby state publicly that we will stand by them in this witness to The Faith.

May the blessing of God be with you.

Stephen G. Brady, President
Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc.
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