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Mothers' Watch
PO Box 2780 *** Montgomery Village, Maryland *** 20886-2780

Parents Group Calls for End to Sexual
Child Abuse in the Classroom

Contact Persons:

Anne Polcha                                 Judith Ammenheuser
Phone: (703) 443-2401                  Phone: (410) 761-7437
Fax: (703) 443-2402                      Fax: (410) 761-4233

Mothers' Watch calls sex/chastity programs exploitive and sexual child abuse and asks Bishops to issue a moratorium against all classroom sex education. For 30 years, Bishops have ignored parents and opened the door to classroom programs that have been destroying purity and innocence of children in the captive classroom. K-12 sex programs repeatedly familiarize children with visuals, films, and forms of genitalia complete with sexological terminology. After years of such exposure, children are systematically desensitized until they accept public discussions of sexual matters traditionally reserved for the privacy and security of home and family.

The child's strongest natural defense against potentially abusive situations was the child's inborn modesty. However, in making the private public, youth are also made vulnerable to the advances of pedophiles.

In a Baltimore Catholic school, children K-first grade are exposed to anatomically correct adult male/female rag dolls. In addition to having yarn hair all the places where hair grows, the female has breasts, nipples, a clitoris and a baby that fits into a vaginal opening. Both also have mouth and anal openings. Ironically, the dolls are part of the child abuse component of a sex education lesson.

Seventh grade girls are taught in a Teen STAR sex/chastity program to contract their vaginal muscles as a means to bring down sexually stimulated mucus and then chart any mucus occurrences. By high school, add to the above explicit porn films and youth are robbed of every vestige of modesty.

Vatican documents of recent years encourage parents to form groups to fight the widespread dangers of classroom sex programs. The most recent document, Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education Within the Family, affirms Mothers' Watch and parents' position as it warns against exposing children to explicit materials, and speaks clearly to parents that discussions of such delicate matters must be handled individually, personally, and gradually within the family, and must not violate the innocence of the child.

Mothers' Watch is a group of concerned  Catholic parents who want to see the virtues of purity and modesty restored to Catholic education. The only way to accomplish this important task is to abolish sex education in the Catholic schools, before sex education completely abolishes Catholic schools.



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