Les Femmes
The Women of Truth
PO Box 1211 *** Vienna, VA *** 22183-1211
October 7, 1997

Les Femmes is an organization of women composed of wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and friends. As Catholic women we embrace the truths of our faith, particularly the teaching that we are always called upon to love the sinner even as we hate the sin. We love our sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, brothers and sisters with the unconditional love of Jesus. No matter what sinful decisions they make, we will never abandon them. At the same time, however, we reject the so-called love of false compassion. We will never lie to our children to gain a bogus peace. We will speak the truth in love, even at the risk of their rejection.

The U.S. bishops' pastoral letter, "Always Our Children," is a condescending and hypocritical document. For thirty years many U.S. bishops have refused to preach the truths of sexual morality. In 1968 when Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae affirming the Church's traditional teaching on marriage and sexuality and retaining the ban on contraception, we were left orphaned. Instead of assisting us in the right formation of conscience, many clergy led us into sin by their open dissent and ridicule of the truth that sexual intercourse must always be open to the transmission of life, God's greatest gift. Because of the scandal and our own bad decisions, some of us fell into the twin evils of contraception and, even, tragically, the murder of our own preborn children.

At the same time we were denied these moral truths, known homosexuals were admitted to our seminaries and ordained. Pedophile priests molested our children and their criminal acts were covered up while they were moved from parish to parish to commit further crimes. Impure sex education programs were introduced into our children's schools and catechetical programs violating their innocence and arousing an unnatural and unhealthy fixation on sex. Our right as parents to direct the upbringing of our children was denied. Chanceries engaged in sacramental blackmail, requiring us to enroll our children in religious education programs that not only failed to teach the faith but, in many cases, taught outright error. If we refused, our children were denied the sacraments.

Some of our children and relatives have rejected the core beliefs of the Catholic faith because of the trivialization of the liturgy and the false teachings of our shepherds. We have watched in frustration as good and holy priests trying to teach the truths of the faith have been harassed, persecuted, silenced, and forced into early retirement. We have seen some of our sons, brothers, and friends rejected by seminaries because their fidelity to the doctrines of the faith is "too rigid." We have been dismayed when vocations directors have recruited for seminarians in gay publications that include pornographic ads promoting sado-masochistic sex.

Now these same shepherds, who have done so much to destroy the faith of our children and our families, have the temerity to preach to us that we should love our children. We mothers, who have shed countless tears over the pain and suffering inflicted upon our little ones by the wolves in sheeps' clothing in our midst, see this letter for what it is: an attempt to legitimize and normalize homosexuality. While referring to other documents such as those published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, "Always Our Children" studiously avoids their language which calls homosexuality a "gravely disordered" condition. The pastoral recommendations encourage parents to join support groups and contact diocesan ministries for homosexuals, some of which advocate homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage. The fact that this document was released only a few days before "National Coming Out Day" makes it abundantly clear it is a Trojan Horse ready to release another major assault on the sexual teachings of the Catholic faith.

Les Femmes, as wives and mothers call on the bishops convening in Washington, D.C. in November to reject "Always Our Children." It is a seriously flawed document that presents theories about homosexuality as fact, a document heavily laced with the jargon of the gay agenda. We exhort the bishops as a body to censor those among them [like Matthew Clark and Thomas Gumbleton for endorsing homosexual genital relations and same-sex marriages] who teach "another gospel" in conflict with that taught by Jesus Christ. And, finally, we beg the bishops as our teachers to vigorously defend our right under Canon Law 217 to be taught the authentic faith.

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