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"Sexually Abusive Bishop
Must Be Removed!"

Roman Catholic Faithful Charges
American Catholic Hierarchy with Negligence

(The Washington Times, Friday, July 18, 1997)

Feb 11, 1997 Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc. (RCF) held a press conference calling for the resignation of an American bishop. The press conference was covered by Thomas A. Droleskey of The Wanderer and was published in the February 20 issue of the paper.

"The growth of Roman Catholic Faithful (founded May 15, 1996) prompted several priests to contact (Stephen) Brady (President of RCF) about problems they had been having with the bishop. Two priests, whose identities have not been revealed publicly, gave Brady detailed information concerning.....incidents of having been sexually harassed by the bishop. One of the priests, who gave an exclusive, detailed telephone interview to The Wanderer shortly after the press conference, provided (The Wanderer) reporter with extensive corroboration of the charges Brady has made against the bishop.

"After having gathered statements from these priests, Brady wrote the bishop a letter. Dated November 8th, 1996, it stated in part:

"While working with these priests we have come to learn that some of them have suffered abuse and persecution. One form of this abuse has been the sexual harassment of these priests. In other cases, we have learned that you have had consensual sex with priests. This is a scandal of the highest order and an affront to God." An attorney for the bishop wrote to attorney James Bendell, who serves on the Board of Directors of Roman Catholic Faithful, (suggesting that Brady might) be subjecting himself to a lawsuit if he made the allegations public."

"Brady, however, did not go public with his accusations (right away). He sought the counsel of many individuals, including leading canonists and a bishop. At the urging of one priest the documentation of these allegations was provided to the Papal Nuncio in November, 1996. A meeting about these allegations was held at the Nunciature on November 25th, 1996. Unbeknownst to anyone, however, the Papal Nuncio had provided all the documentation that had been given to him concerning these allegations to the bishop including a detailed four-page statement by one of the priests (who had been promised strict confidentiality in the matter). He thus had all of the evidence against him, including the names of his accusers. The Papal Nuncio never once contacted either of the two priests involved in this case at this juncture." (The Wanderer) (After Brady went public with the allegations, the bishop never sued for libel. How could he — the allegations are true!)

It is up to the laity to take back our churches. RCF continues to call for the bishop's removal. We have found that the life of any diocese is often a reflection of its bishop's life. If the diocese is morally bankrupt, then prudence would dictate a close scrutiny of the diocesan bishops and administration.

If you provide the information and support RCF needs, by the grace of God, we can bring about change, and we can make a difference for the good of Christ's Roman Catholic Church. We have found that litigation and public exposure can help rid the Church of scandal and corruption.

Help RCF send a powerful message to the NCCB, Papal Nuncio, and those cowardly American Bishops who say and do nothing in defense of the Faith. Write or Call:

Roman Catholic Faithful
P.O. Box 109
Petersburg, IL 62675

ph. 217-632-5920    fax: 217-632-7054
e-mail: press@rcf.org



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