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Dissident Database
Now Forming

Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc. is now gathering information for a national database of information on well-known Catholic Dissidents. We need your help!

The ultimate objective of this database will be to provide Internet users with indexed, searchable online information on dissenting Catholic leaders, theologians and writers. We hope to become an effective information clearinghouse where interested Catholics can learn the truth about speakers and honored guests invited to their diocese.

Your input is vital to this project. Please send any information you may have, including the speaker's name and diocese of residence or incardination, along with any other identifying details (age, ecclesial background, educational background, etc.). Include also any specific, documented or verifiable evidence of dissenting behavior, publications, speeches (quotes preferred) and any other details which you believe may have merit.

This information may be communicated by:

          † Email: info@rcf.org
                Be sure to include the words "DISSIDENT
             INFO" in subject line!

          † Fax:    217-632-7054

          † Snail Mail: RCF, P.O. Box 109,
             Petersburg, IL   62675

Please also provide a contact number, email address, or snail mail address where we can contact you with any questions. All personal information you provide us about your identity will be held in strict confidence.


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