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Roman Catholic Faithful Update
April 1997

Following is a copy of a letter that was sent to every Illinois Bishop. The letter was sent (by fax) one day prior to a scheduled "Illinois Bishop's meeting" held in Chicago. There have been some new developments in regards to the situation in the Springfield Diocese. We are confident that the situation in Springfield will be resolved shortly. We will keep you informed.

We are preparing to move into other dioceses. If you would be willing to research court documents in your diocese please contact RCF. Court records are public information. We need records concerning criminal charges and or all court records of law suits involving a Catholic Bishop, Priest or Diocese. The following is a list of dioceses where we will be working first: Chicago Archdiocese, Detroit Archdiocese, Saginaw diocese, every diocese in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Boston and California, the Santa Fe diocese, Milwaukee diocese and Archbishop Flynn's territory. If you live in these areas and can research court documents — we need your help now.

We have received several letters from seminarians in the Mundelein Seminary in the Chicago area. We have also received some very disturbing information concerning other seminaries. RCF will be starting a Seminary Outreach Program. We need to contact every seminarian in this country. Their names will be kept confidential. The information they can provide will help us to expose and correct the problems that exist. If you can help — please contact RCF now!!

We need your prayers and your financial help. If you can make a monthly contribution or a one time donation to RCF it would be greatly appreciated.

Stephen G. Brady.


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