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A Letter From Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Jewish Advisor to HLI

To the People of Minnesota:

I have known Father Marx for over a decade now. Over this time I have participated in several conventions. I have done so in partnership with such pro-life supporters as Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Bishop Austin Vaughn.

Over this time Fr. Marx and HLI have contributed thousands of dollars to help address the abortion situation in the Holy Land. This is certainly a strange type of anti-Semite!

Fr. Marx is critical of what he and many others see as a significant Jewish Involvement in the abortion industry, but prefaces his comments by lovingly praising the Traditional Torah pro-life viewpoint and providing a list of pro-life Jews whom he praises.

I urge you to support HLI. I hope to read a statement by my organization, Jews for Morality, at the interfaith prayer service which Archbishop Flynn has announced.

Too many good people are being hurt and too many liberal anti-life and anti-family people are being inadvertently supported each day that this situation is allowed to fester in the press. It is in part for this reason that, with the utmost respect, I am taking the liberty of sending a letter to some Catholic leaders who may be able to intercede in a positive way to correct the situation for the common good.

The anti-life forces demonstrate hate, blasphemy and utter derision toward our common commitment to the family and the unborn. I urge everyone to reject those who would undermine the innate dignity of human life, and strongly and unequivocally defend the sanctity of life. In this springtime of redemption heralded by the advent of Pesach/Passover,

I remain sincerely yours,

Rabbi Yehuda Levin


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