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Archbishop Flynn, Why Won't You
Talk With The Priest Our Holy Father Calls
The "Apostle of Life"?

Your Excellency,

We must respectfully ask: Just what is going on?! Has your staff not informed you of calls from Father Paul Marx? From Father John Hardon? Of the letters and calls from Human Life International (HLI) supporters to your office?

For months we have requested a meeting with you, any time, any place. The answer from your staff is always no.

Now, acting solely on the basis of inflammatory, incomplete, and libelous materials provided by the enemies of Life, you have labeled us as "bigots." You refuse to honor your promise to join us for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. You refuse to talk with us. We have no choice but to use this extraordinary (and expensive) means to get through to you. (Frankly, we'd rather spend this money to save babies.)

We know what you were shown, Your Excellency.

First, you were given a paid advertisement from the Cincinnati Enquirer attacking HLI. Did you know the names of the groups behind the ad? Curiously, the names of the signers were deleted from the copy you were given. Planned Parenthood, which has named pro-life champion Father Marx "public enemy number one," was prominent among them. Did you know that the ad's signers included such radical pro-abortion organizations as Catholics for a Free Choice, the Lesbian Avengers, the National Organization for Women, and the National Abortion Rights Action League?

Second, you saw a defamatory column by Monsignor George Higgins. Did you know that Msgr. Higgins is a dissenter to Humanae Vitae? Did you know that his false allegation of "anti-Semitism" originated with a 1994 Planned Parenthood hit piece on HLI and is concocted out of misquotes? Even Sacred Scripture can be twisted to say "There is no God"— if one deceitfully leaves out "The fool says in his heart...." (Psalm 14:1)

Third, you saw a fragment of a chapter from Father Marx's 1987 book, Confessions of a Pro-life Missionary. If you had read the whole you would have found Father lamenting the low birth rate of Jews, and urging "pro-life Jews...to form specifically Jewish pro-life organizations, and to take back the leadership of the Jewish community from the pro-abortionists. By doing this you will not only help save millions of non-Jewish babies, you may well help save the Jewish nation...." Are these the words of an anti-Semite?

Had you taken our calls, or agreed to meet with one of our priests, you would have learned of HLI's JUDEA program to save Jewish babies in Israel from abortion. We would have described our Judeo-Christian Pro-Life Alliance, an ecumenical effort to promote the Culture of Life. We would have invited you to hear the pro-life Jewish speakers who will be addressing our 16th World Conference at the Radisson Hotel South in Bloomington from April 16-20.

Your Excellency, this misinformation about Human Life International is nothing but a smokescreen. The real conflict here is between the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death. On one side stand those — Catholics, Evangelicals, Protestants, Muslims and Jews alike— who are ready to defend the sanctity of life. On the other are those who promote destruction of life in the name of "choice."

You must take your proper place in this great struggle, Your Excellency. We beg you to join us in celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as you promised, and not abandon your faithful to pray somewhere else. We beg you to tone down your rhetoric. Pro-abortion anarchists, gay activists, and radical feminists already threaten demonstrations against the thousands of peaceful pro-lifers who will assemble with us next week. Please don't contribute further to this climate of hate and intolerance by repeating slanders that are not true. Please don't abandon your sheep to the lies and violence of the Culture of Death.

Sincerely Yours In Christ,

Human Life International

And Our Friends and Supporters Around the World

"You Have Much Experience...
You Are Doing the Most Important Work On Earth."
Pope John Paul II to Father Paul Marx, 1979


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